Top 13 ways to get your home SOLD quicker,

and for more money!

1. First Impressions Count! Keep the lawn mowed, trim the bushes and keep a clean entry way. This will welcome buyers to your home and show them that the house is kept nice and clean.

2. Clean Will Equal Green! Keep your entire home clean and tidy. If your walls are scratched, or the paint is fading, you might want to invest in fresh paint. Show how great your home is by not distracting them with needed repairs.

3. Make Sure it All Works! Make sure all your light bulbs are working and there are no plumbing leaks. Fix the squeaky and sticky doors. Don't let problems distract from what is great about your home.

4. Show Off Your Storage Space! Show off your attic, basement and other utility space (including crawl spaces) by removing all unnecessary articles. In a basement, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders if it is dark and lackluster.

5. Show Off the Size of Your Closets! Try to make your closets look bigger by having them neat and organized and pack away the clothes you're not using to open up space.

6. Bathrooms Sell Homes, Get Them Clean! Bathrooms can make or break the purchase of your home, so let them sparkle! Make sure everything is in working order. Re-caulk the tub if the caulking is discolored, cracking or falling off.

7. Make Your Bedrooms a Retreat! Keep these rooms bright and cozy. Remove any unneeded furniture and keep them clutter free.

8. Open the Windows! When your home is on the market, keep the blinds open. Let the sunshine in! You want buyers to see how bright and cozy your home is. Make sure windows are free of smudges and are clean.

9. Turn on the Lights! By keeping the lights on, buyers won't have trouble viewing your home in the evening. Lights warm it up, brighten the home, and help make your buyers feel welcome and at home.

10. Leave During Showings! Buyers feel like intruders when they are viewing your home while you are there. So, they're likely to rush through the home and not see it.

11. Remove the Dogs and Cats! Not everybody likes dogs and/or cats, plus they can get in the way. Its best to take them with you, or at very least have them locked up.

12. Keep it Quiet! Allow potential buyers to be able to talk freely and not be sidetracked. Having a dishwasher or washing machine running while you're away may cause distractions.

13. Help Me Out! I recommend that you let me and other Realtors show your home to prospective buyers whenever the buyers are ready to look. That way I can do the job you’ve hired me to do! Click here for more seller tips.

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